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Китай Ляонин Хулудао

Chinese Tire Company "TianXi", Ltd. is searching for three employees from India, the position is a SALES MANAGER with knowledge of the Chinese and English languages. Official employment! The company's location is Xingcheng city, Liaoning province.

Your responsibilities will include:
   marketing research;
   searching for new clients;
   communication with clients (Hindi, English, Chinese languages);
   documents translation;
   male;
   age is 25-35;
   has bachelors degree and higher;
   English language level- excellent;
   Chinese language level- above average; 
   preferably with work experience

The company provides three meals a day, accommodation, takes care of all the costs for flight and work visa.
Trial period is one months
Salary: first month is 6000 yuan/month, after first month- 10000 yuan/month.

Contact information: please send your resumes (CV) in English and Chinese both on email: anya.kochetkova_96@mail.ru or to WeChat: AnnaKochetkovA1996.
Contact phone number: (+86)15809893643 (China, WeChat)

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