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Китай Гуандун Шэньчжэнь

Job in ASBIS (Shenzhen). Hardware test engineer. QC


Position:Hardware test engineer



1. Wireless product like speaker,headset, mouse, keyboard and so on, tablet, notebooks, adapters and other gadgets.

2. Preparation of specifications for each new product (documents for inspection and checking BOM)

3. Knowledge and ability to read electronic circuits, drawings and instructions.

4. Knowledge in the field of wi-fi bluetooth testing.

5. Knowledge in the field of components used in the production of power adapters, motherboards.

6. Knowledge in the field of circuit engineering.



Fluent in English and Russian, basic communication in Chinese is more perfect.








1. In charge of OQC and submit inspection report. 

2. Doing inspection onsite, control the production status timely. Feedback quality issues to team and factory. 

3. During IPQC, monitoring factory to produce according to SOP strictly.

4. Perform inspection responsibility, fill in relative recording form. 

5. Track the issues closely. 

6. Strong sense of responsibility, anti-pressure ability. 



1. Above 2 years electric industry inspection working experience.Having experience in video, Bluetooth, power adaptor, SDA and etc. is priority;

2. With ability to analyzing the issues reasons and solutions during inspection;  

4. Strong sense of responsibility, and can travel to factory to do onsite inspection;

5. Good communication, coordination, and analyzing ability;

6. Fluent in English and Russian,basic communication in Chinese is more perfect.


Salary: RMB6.5K~8K/M


Company’s name: ASBIS CHINA CORP.

Website: www.asbis.com


Company’s location: #209-2 & 211-1, Block A, District C, Bao'an Internet Industrial Park,

  No. 2005, Xingye Road, Xixiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China 


If you are the one we’re looking for,please send email to nicole@asbis.cn or Wechat 13410719035.

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